Posted by: Judy | May 12, 2014

If you feel so inclined…

I’m poor as a church mouse, but I’m good at praying for others.

I’m feeling ineffectual right now. I’m small and insignificant.

Grace’s Possibilities comes out, next month. I’ve decided to donate my royalties to LZ Grace. It isn’t earth shattering, and it’s too late for what’s needed right now. My hope is God sees what it’s in my heart, and it’s enough.

Sheri’s efforts speak to my heart, and I pray for her success.


  1. You’re very good-hearted. I can clearly see that, so I’m sure god can.

    • Thanks, PV. 🙂

  2. posted a link to her story on my facebook page – not sure if it will drive any traffic her way, but hope it might help get the word out – thanks for doing your part, too … even a pebble leaves behind a ripple in the pond

    • So did I, post to my FB that is. Never know how far those ripples will roll.

      • Seems I’m often to surprised how I see things travel (in the world of facebook) … a friend in Japan, someone I know in Australia, a writer in New York, and then back again to the Midwest. And how it can cross political and religious barriers, too. Hippies and Conservatives, Liberals and Muslims, Buddhists and Naturalists, Atheists and Christians, all poking around in the same pond. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter at all where the help comes from, just so long as someone gets the help they need.

        • Amen.

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