Posted by: Judy | September 19, 2020

Saturday Silly

I haven’t lost my mind.

Half of it just wandered off

and the other half

went looking for it.

Posted by: Judy | September 18, 2020

Good News Friday

*P.Croissant with my sister

*Croissant breakfast sandwich (ham, mushrooms, American cheese), hot chocolate with whipped cream, and chocolate-covered coconut macaroon


*Two less black widow spiders, thanks to Raid

*Chatting with my sister

What was something good in your week?

Posted by: Judy | September 17, 2020

This Week in Beauty…

Proverbs 31:24 She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

She’s productive. She makes and sells and delivers on time.

What does that even mean to me? I’m what would be called unskilled. I have no trade skills, no professional skills, no financial skills. I’m a caregiver, jack of all trades.

I’ve always wanted to be like this woman. I considered being a chef and allowed my parents to convince me it was a stupid idea. I’ve thought about making jewelry but I’ve neither the patience or the creative gift. I’ve wanted to be a seamstress, but again, I lack the creative talent and the skill.

I confess that I didn’t pursue professional level skills because all I really wanted to be was a wife and mother. Such a calling requires being a jack of all trades, knowing something about everything. It kind of worked with my American Sign Language Interpreting. I struggled with the rules that violated my sense of rightness.

All in the past. Now what?

As a writer, I met my deadlines, mostly. No one is perfect.

As a caregiver, my dad is still pretty independent. I’m here, just in case. I’m often treated like I’m stupid and/or clueless. It’s a tough gig on my self-perception. My easy distractibility actually works because I’m able to check on my dad throughout the day without feeling interrupted and not feeling like I’m hovering, which he hates.

I’m not sure what to do about this one. Maybe I need to create a goal or gift that will help me focus or at least more intentionally seek God’s will.

Posted by: Judy | September 16, 2020

Reading List 106-110

106. The Pearl Stallion by Rae Muir Regency romance. I’m sorting through books I’ve kept. I wondered, at first, why I kept this one. I enjoyed the travel log, from Calcutta to Russian America to California, the Sandwich Islands, and Canton. I still love traveling, exploring new places. I also liked the growth of the heroine, from “useless” to finding purpose. However, I think I’m ready to let this book bless someone else.

107. Snatching the Catcher (Belltown Six Pack series book 4) by Rebecca Connolly contemporary romance. What a fun read.

108. Flirting With First (Belltown Six Pack series book 5) by Sophia Summer contemporary romance.

109. Kissing on Third (Belltown Six Pack series book 6)by Heather B. Moore contemporary romance.  I’m sorry to see the series end. I enjoyed it.

110. Forgive Us Our Debts (Kingdom Come series book 1) by Gail R. Delaney Sci-Fi romance. I own most of Gail’s books. I’m looking forward to this new series.

Posted by: Judy | September 15, 2020

Posted on SM…

I’m fascinated by the sequences of God’s advice to find answers: ask, seek, knock. Ask is the easiest, which would suggest that seek is less easy, and knock is hardest. I would think that knocking would be easier. It requires a little more work than asking but not much. But what if knocking is harder? Seeking only requires I do some searching. It’s dependent on my abilities, the same as asking. Knocking requires I exercise trust in someone else; finding the courage to brave what might be on the other side of the door, believing whoever answers will be able to help me. Then again, it may be a bookend command; asking is considered similar to knocking. I’ve noticed in my scripture study that sometimes God does that: Says something, builds on it, and reiterates what He said first, like a “just making sure you heard the whole message.” What all three have in common is coming to God for answers, one way or another. ~ Laurel Hawkes

Posted by: Judy | September 14, 2020

SM Post

What was one good thing you did, today? Did you eat something healthy? Did you go for a walk or a run or a swim? Did you sleep? Did you drink enough water? Did you work? Did you offer someone a smile or a bit of encouragement? Did you check in with God? Never underestimate the little things, for it’s the little things that accumulate and build into big things. Remember, God knows how many hairs are on your head. He counts the little things. Hold to hope. ~ Laurel Hawkes

Posted by: Judy | September 13, 2020

A bit of inspiration…

Posted by: Judy | September 12, 2020

Saturday Smile

Some people call me crazy.

I prefer the term

happy with a twist.

Posted by: Judy | September 11, 2020

Good News Friday

*Walk and P.Croissant with my sister

*Croissant Breakfast sandwich (ham, mushrooms, American cheese) and hot chocolate with whipped cream

*Lunch with my sister and a friend

*Family visitors

*Air conditioning

*Cooling weather

*Lunch with a dear friend at Pita Jungle

*Glazed Chicken Lavash Pizza and Chocolate Dipped Baklawa ~ Yum!

What was something good in your week?

Posted by: Judy | September 10, 2020

Remembering tomorrow…

19 years ago, on September 10, it was a regular Monday. Nothing special.

Tuesday changed everything.


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