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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

How about celebrating with a romantic read? Book Four of Twelve in the Holiday, USA series.

Tough Luck

The fourth novella in the series is finally here…

Welcome back to Holiday, USA, small town America, where nothing happens, except holidays… and maybe a little romance, if the hero and heroine trust God.

Holiday’s playboy, Brent Kelly, returns home a changed man, if only everyone would believe him. The First Annual Tough Luck Run offers him the opportunity to prove he turned over a new leaf.

Cindy Garvey has worked hard her whole life, and now she is preparing to move from employee to business owner with her best friend. The last thing she needs is one more surprise in her life.

God provides the way to Happily Ever After, no matter how far astray His children wander…

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Good News Friday

*Taxes are done.

*Walk, chat, and P.croissant with my sister

*Lemon croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream

*Homemade chocolate chip cookies

*Blessed rain

*Opening the door and allowing the scent to clean the house

*Final edit

*Wonderful CDs from Cast in Bronze

*Lunch at Kneaders with a friend

*Dave’s BLT on Country white and Coconut Cream Pie ~ Yumminess

*My sister made lemonade cake ~ Yum

*Lunch with dear friends

*Homemade tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, my sister’s lemonade cake, and pumpkin spice crispy rice treats

*Uploaded “Christmas Lost” and waiting for approval, which can take up to 72 hours.

What was something good in your week?

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Almost there…

I’ve less than five pages to edit and then formatting and then uploading…

This is the 12th self-published novella, and I’ve turned in 13 stories to my publisher. You’d think that with #25 I wouldn’t be as nervous. Nope. I hate pushing my “babies” out into the world. I hate more holding them back. One more step, shaking in my boots, but still moving forward. Trusting God to catch me if I fall or teach me to build my wings on the way down. One of my new favorite quotes from social media.

(No RedBull or Coffee needed.)

Beware the Ides of March.

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The Power of Reading

Recently Motivating Daily shared a quote by Sun Tzu.

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

I was able to quickly identify the quote’s source. I’ve read The Art of War. If I wrote stories that included battles, I’d want this book for a reference. I read it out of curiosity. I never imagined it would make it possible for me to put a quote into context. It’s kind of fun to “know” things.

Yes, I’m feeling a bit frazzled. Next novella is almost ready. So… this… again… as usual…

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Reading List 15-20

16. Found Father by Justine Davis contemporary romance. This had a tougher theme, for me, and yet it was really about redemption. Do I believe people are capable of truly changing and forgiving?

17. Finish First by Scott Hamilton nonfiction inspirational. I starred and underlined something on almost every page. I wouldn’t recommend this book to everyone. I think you need to be in the right place in your head to accept his challenges and advice. I was ready, and I’m working to apply what I’ve learned.

18. Cool Under Fire (Reese series Book 1 of 2) by Justine Davis suspense contemporary romance. This is one of her early books and steamier than later books. Her characters inevitably pull something out of my head, something uncomfortable that I need to face and accept.

19. The Inklings of Oxford: C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Their Friends by Harry Lee Poe nonfiction. Mr. Poe shared highlights of these remarkable men, a couple of my favorite authors. As I read, I wanted to visit the places and discovered Mr. Poe also included written walking tours at the end of the book. Thanks to my dear friend who blessed me with a copy of this delightful book, a keeper.

20. Hunter’s Way by Justine Davis contemporary suspense romance. I think this is Justine Davis’ first book. It’s the first on the lists I checked, anyway. It’s fun to see the development of her writing. Her style hasn’t changed much over the years, refining, fine-tuning, tightening.

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Battling Depression

Paraphrased from an interview with Robert Young Pelton, with Team Never Quit. If you don’t like swearing, this podcast is not for you.

If you want to overcome depression, find someone worse off than you and help them.

I’ve done this, and it works to an extent. I’m also capable of working myself into the ground. I’ve done that, too.

My feelings were mixed as I listened. I didn’t agree with some of what he said or did, but I’m glad I listened. I’ve enjoyed a diverse circle of friends, over the years. He reminded me of the broader perspective of the world my friends have given me, but I’m sometimes caught up in the little things of day-to-day living. He isn’t someone I’d choose as a friend, but I respect him. Not everyone could do what he does. In fact, I think most people couldn’t. I’m not sure he realizes how uniquely qualified he is to do what he does.

I’m amused by his idea that wars can be stopped. There are those willing to sacrifice everything for wealth. There are those who want power over others. There are those who think that only others like them should be allowed to live. Taking it further back, as long as the adversary, the father of lies, evil exists, there will be wars.

Blessedly, I remember that when all is said and done, God wins.

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A bit of inspiration…

I’ve kept a 3×5 card on my desk with this quote ever since I read it several years ago. Sharing with permission from the author:

“…the path to hell is the path to redemption, if you walk the other way.”

~ Jenna, the heroine in Justine Davis’ Fire Hawk.

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Saturday Silly…

Funny Cat Photos widget:

Posted by: Judy | March 9, 2018

Good News Friday

*Walk and P.croissant with my sister

*Apricot croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry

*Homemade spaghetti sauce

*Homemade chocolate chip cookies

*Physically able to do more

*Amazing books

*Laughing more

*Homemade crispy rice treats, using gingerbread flavoring, compliments of Torani

*Lunch with friends

*My sister finished the final edits for “Christmas Lost.” My turn.

What was something good in your week?

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It’s fun being able to follow some of my favorite authors on social media. Not stalking. Justine Dare Davis pinned this on Pinterest:

If I cut you off, chances are,

you handed me the scissors.

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