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…learning to bridle passions. Not squash or kill but control. Passions are what we care about, where we invest our time, money, energy, thoughts, emotions, things like reading, movies, games.

Someone said that we live in a world that seeks escapism, books, movies, social media, etc. I stopped and asked myself, “Am I seeking mindless escapism?” My knee-jerk reaction was, “Yeah, I do. I want the happily ever after. I want to forget about my troubles.”

I’ve learned to step back from those knee-jerk answers and search deeper.

People will say that because I read romance novels, I’m all about escapism, except I’m not. In examining my choices, I’m discovering that I’m not really interested in mindless escape. My favorite authors and movies also inspire me, broaden my perspective, teach me something I need to learn.

More books than I care to count have ended up in the trash or given away, over the years. I’ve become more discriminating as the years have passed. My favorites are books that uplift and inspire me to be a better person. I’ve stopped watching television shows because I may have enjoyed them at one time, but I’ve discovered others I like better.

I used to eat any chocolate I could get my hands on. Over the years, I’ve discovered a lot of chocolate is easy to forgo because it’s forgettable, meh, and, in truth, some of it’s awful. Some of it is okay, and some of it is even pretty good.

However, is it good enough to invest my calories and money? Ah, both need to be considered. I’ve eaten chocolate that was absolutely divine, but I can’t justify paying a small fortune for it.

Yes, I’m passionate about food, but I’m nowhere near being the foodie that people I know are. I enjoy television shows about cooking but don’t bother with the ones that are geared toward food I can’t eat. I’m learning to find healthier choices that are still yummy.

I’m not the horse person others are, but I still love them. I’ve invested some time and energy. Practicality has won out on that one. Owning a horse isn’t cheap or easy.

I love dogs, but my dad won’t let me have another dog.

I love good books — one need only look at my reading list, every year. I’m willing to invest in authors I love. For me, books are an opportunity to spend time with a friend. I want to spend it wisely.

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Saturday Silly

This is the picture my sister used to make the cover for my book “Giving Thanks.” Looks like a turkey, doesn’t it? It isn’t. It’s a rotisserie chicken, from Sam’s club. Those are mini pies and cornbread loaves. The bowls of beans and potato salad and pistachio/pineapple/Cool whip/marshmallow salad are cereal bowls. The sweet potato casserole is in a single serving stoneware dish with mini marshmallows on top. The green bean casserole is also in a single serving dish and so is the stuffing in the back. Those are rolls in the back and bite-side cheesecake on a single-serving size plate. Oh, and those are grape tomatoes behind the turkey. It was a yummy photo shoot. LOL!
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Good News Friday

*Walk and P.Croissant with my sister

*P.Croissant Breakfast sandwich (ham, mushrooms, and American cheese) and hot chocolate with whipped cream

*1/2 the sandwich for breakfast and 1/2 for lunch with tomato, lettuce, and avocado ~ I’ll do that again

*Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix has no soy and makes a yummy brownie

*Lunch with my sister and a friend

*Realizing I needed to up my coconut water from 1/2-cup to 1-cup daily ~ I noticed an improvement in knee pain the next day.

*Attending church in person

*Ham, cheese, and spinach sandwich on Kneaders’ Cranberry Pistachio Bread

*Lunch, from Kneaders, with a dear friend

*Turkey Sandwich on Country White and Raspberry Cream Cheese pie

*More than half way through this round of edits

*A dear friend shared lovely clothes that no longer fit, and I’m able to let go of clothes that have holes and no longer fit. Blessing.

What was something good in your week?

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This Week in Beauty…

Galations 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance, against such there is no law.

Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits…

Love, joy, and peace are straightforward enough to understand.

Longsuffering I looked up to be I understood. “…patiently enduring lasting offense or hardship.” It’s more enduring than what I thought.

Gentleness, goodness, and faith are straightforward. 

Meekness means a state of being meek; mild, moderate, humble, or submissive. I remind myself that being those things before God is not being a doormat. God changes everything.

Temperance means moderation in action, thought, or feeling: restraint. No flying off  the handle. 

These are qualities everyone needs to nourish and grow. I’m learning.

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Reading List 125-130

126. Hope for Freedom (Hope Ranch series book 4) by Elizabeth Maddrey Christian romance. Imperfect Christians and those struggling to find Jesus people Elizabeth Maddrey’s stories. She has a gift for storytelling. I have trouble putting her books down and look forward to the next.

127. The Wedding Garden (Redemption River series book 2) by Linda Goodnight Christian contemporary romance. I read this series a decade ago and liked it well enough to keep it. Still a keeper.

128. A Place to Belong (Redemption River series book 3) by Linda Goodnight Christian contemporary romance. I’m not as much of a fan of this book, mostly because I remember being taken advantage of by people I wanted to trust. 

129. On The Run (Guardian series book 5) by Traci Hunter Abramson contemporary suspense romance. Page turner. Can’t wait for the next one.

130. The Christmas Child (Redemption River series book 4) by Linda Goodnight Christian contemporary romance. Such a sweet story.

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Post on SM

The truth will set you free. A Bible truth. Growing up, I didn’t find it so. Telling truth, more often than not, landed me in more trouble. Why? I was dealing with those who hated the truth because it revealed the lies they hid behind, exposing them. Hence, the clarion call of the abuser is “Don’t tell. It’s a secret. If you tell, you’ll be in trouble.” God’s timing is not our timing. He demands the truth because He is truth. Lies do not hold up in His light. It was many years before I developed enough courage to set the truth free. Let the Lion out of His cage. He will defend Himself. As an adult, choosing the truth didn’t change them; it changed me. It was such a relief to no longer need to keep track of what I said to whom. The truth was always the truth. I was in my 50s when I fully realized the lies being told about me. Screaming and complaining would never change the liars. Walking away from the lies they chose to tell set me free. Nothing around me changed. If nothing changed, what good was it? I found a peace they could never steal from me, a peace only God could give.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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SM post

Choosing to fix God in the center of your heart will not go unchallenged. The adversary doesn’t need you to choose obvious evil; he only needs you distracted, too busy, too anxious, too focused on yourself, too focused on being good. I know, that last one confused me, too. What does too focused on being good mean to me? It’s when I have a checklist of what I need to do to be acceptable to God. Go to church. Read my scriptures. Say my prayers. Serve others. Then I’ll be good enough. The problem is that last thought. I will never be good enough because I’m fallen, flawed, a sinner, like every other mortal person that’s ever lived. Jesus didn’t die for me because I went to church, read my scriptures, said my prayers, and served others. Jesus died for me because He loves me, warts and all, the slip ups, the falls, the mud, the mess, everything. He died for me so I wouldn’t have to suffer for all the things that aren’t right. He suffered and died so I wouldn’t have to pay the full price for my mistakes. Consequences are part of the choices I make, but being separated from God forever is avoidable by choosing Jesus, by accepting His saving grace, by embracing His atonement, by following Him.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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Today’s inspiration…

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Saturday Silliness…

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