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Surviving Abuse and Thriving

Victor Marx was a guest on the Team Never Quit Podcast. It’s difficult to listen to what he went through.

This is when I step into the decision I made long ago: If they can live through it, I can listen to their story.

“Having crazy thoughts does not make you crazy.”

I’ve been following Victor Marx on social media for a while, without knowing his full story. So many people live through difficult times and make good and noble lives for themselves.

Posted by: Judy | January 27, 2020

Chocolate Cake Day

Celebrate by reading Chocolate Cake for Two, the second novella in the Holiday USA series

Welcome back to Holiday, USA, small town America, where nothing happens, except holidays… and maybe a little romance, if the hero and heroine trust God.

Freed, after being wrongly imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, Henry Weaver needs a fresh start. The “Help Wanted” sign in the cupcake shop window couldn’t possibly be the answer to his prayer.

Holiday Sweets, a specialty cupcake shop, is Annie Sweet’s heritage. Everything would be perfect if only she could find competent help. An ultimatum demands Annie make a painful decision.

Choosing God is rarely the easy way, and sometimes the way to Happily Ever After appears impossible…

Or if you prefer paperback Holiday, USA Anthology 2014

All four novellas published in 2014 are available in their entirety in paperback, including the covers on the back, for those who enjoy collecting a series.

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A bit of inspiration…

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Saturday Silly

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Please leave me alone!

I’ve got a week’s worth of work to do,

in three hours,

because I have the time management skills

of a carrot.

Thank you.

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Good News Friday

*Walk and P.Croissant with my sister

*Lemon croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream

*Book arrived, safe and sound

*Yard work, without wearing myself out


*Dinner at my sister’s, pot roast, potato, gravy, corn, yummy

*Blessed rain

*Swiss Miss Carmel Hot Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (both soy free)

*I called the local post office and talked to Jenna (if I heard her name right, as my ear’s stuffed up again). She was very nice and discovered that the package was delivered to the neighbors; she’s sending a carrier to ask for the package. Less than 3 hours later, the doorbell rang, and my package was in the mailbox! Hallee Bridgeman’s “Jade’s Match: Book 7 of the Jewel Series,” safe and sound. I’m so grateful.

*I made Welsh Cakes (delicious with raspberry pomegranate jam), using my new scale and OXO Good Grips Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scraper and Chopper, given to me for Christmas

What was something good in your week?

Posted by: Judy | January 23, 2020

This week in Beauty

This was a game changer. Ginger Garrett tackled the world’s definition of Beauty. She chose one word: Seduction. My first thought was rejection, and then I realized she was right. It was the definition my mother implied when she told me my excess weight and scars would keep any man worth marrying from choosing me. Which begs the question: Is he really worth marrying? It spoke poorly of men and belittled me. My entire perspective on Beauty was wrapped up in that insane lie.

Beauty is a reflection of God.

Bridget Thomas’ post, over at Christians Read, tied in with what I’ve been learning.

How often do we cheat ourselves of something special because we think we aren’t good enough?

I don’t see myself as beautiful. I also don’t see myself as lovable. I never associated the two. I believed God loves the ugly ducklings as much as He loves the swans. It never occurred to me that to God all His children are swans. I am beautiful because I am His. I am lovable because I am His. To God, Beauty and Love aren’t one or the other. To God, Beauty and Love are intertwined, one an inseparable part of the other, just as His children are an inseparable part of Himself.

Our perfect God sees us as swans while an imperfect world calls us ugly ducklings. Why do we believe an imperfect world and not our perfect God?

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Are you ready for Chocolate Cake Day?

Coming on Monday, 27 January. (Meme created by Donna Keevers Driver)

Posted by: Judy | January 21, 2020

What God wants…

A social media friend asked for prayers for her child, who is a year behind in school and being teased and ostracized. The child feels so alone. I offered prayer for strength and courage. I felt inspired to add that God had a different path for this child. I lamented that the child isn’t alone, but all of us alone are in different places. I look forward to seeing this child as an adult who will understand what this child’s peers will not. This child will know compassion and possess an ability to see below the surface.

I found this post right after:

The beautiful thing about a relationship with God is that He loves us way too much to leave us where He finds us.

This was a really tough lesson to learn… I wanted to be accepted as I am. He does, but He knows what I’ve hidden. He doesn’t want to put me on a shelf. He wants a living, breathing, growing relationship, with me, with each of His children. The awesome thing is that He isn’t limited by time or any other constraints. He’s also able to help me learn how to have this relationship. His limitlessness means He is able to love each and every one of us. He never experiences “Oops, missed that one.”

Posted by: Judy | January 20, 2020

Understanding Myself Better

As mentioned earlier, I’m learning to trust God. I’m recognizing that God gives me opportunities (difficulties) to work through, building self-confidence as well as trust in Him. This appears so obvious. So what’s the problem?

When I’m cranky I understand I need to fix something. When I’m feeling at peace I tend to believe all is well. The problem? I let things that need fixing go unfixed because I don’t want to focus on the problem.

And herein lies one of the problems with positive-thinking/what you send out comes back to you thinking. I’ve read any number of books on both. The focus is always on avoiding “bad” feelings and things will be better. A great deal of magical thinking occurs. I know because I’ve had it shoved down my throat, and I bought into it hook, line, and sinker, which made actually solving my problems difficult at best and impossible at worst.

However, those doing the shoving didn’t want my problems solved. They wanted me dependent on them. Wow. What a mess.

Now, I’m learning I can be in the midst of a mess and be at peace WHILE I work through a problem NOT avoid the problem. Fascinating.

USPS showed an expected package had been delivered, four days early, on Saturday afternoon. Idly checking my emails, I didn’t learn this until a day after it was supposedly delivered. It wasn’t there. Either the mail carrier lied, was mistaken, or the package was stolen. I stressed. However, major progress: I didn’t dive into the chocolate or other snacks. This is HUGE! And worth celebrating! I didn’t use food as my go-to comfort or try to stuff my emotions. I also didn’t use food to celebrate! I let myself read a book I’ve wanted to read.

I let myself feel frustrated, angry, sad, and even hurt. I also didn’t let my emotions run away with me. I acknowledged them and then sought peace, each time each emotion returned. I acknowledged I wasn’t wrong for feeling the unpleasant emotions, but those feelings weren’t allowed to steal my sense of peace, not much anyway. 🙂

I wrestled with my sense of being taken advantage of and finally gave it to God and prayed the book found its way into the hands of someone who would benefit. I was also grateful it wasn’t one of the more expensive things I’ve had delivered. 😀

UPDATE: All my calm and peace evaporated when I saw another book was scheduled to be delivered by USPS, on a Saturday. My stress shot through the roof, and yes, I cried. I don’t want to lose another book, and this one’s considerably more expensive.

Little nudges encouraged me to do some yard work, in the morning. What good would that do when the mail, on Saturday, arrives in the afternoon? I did it anyway. I tore out catclaw, dug up a stray canna, trimmed back the hibiscus a bit, and neatened up the rose bushes my dad trimmed back. Our mail carrier arrived, with my new book. Yay! I asked her about my lost book, and she suggested I contact the local main office (just down the street). They might be able to see where it was really delivered.

I handled it, without completely melting down. Okay, a few tears but nothing like my meltdowns of the past. Woohoo! I tried calling, last week, and the line was busy. I’ll try again this week. I’m trying to be responsible.

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“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”
~ Albert Camus

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