Posted by: Judy | November 17, 2021

Reading List 101-105

101. Love Under Construction by Ginger Solomon Christian romance. We so often make redemption harder than it is, but it’s often because overcoming the negative messages of the past are part of the process and we don’t always acknowledge that part. I saw myself in both protagonists. Loved the story. 

102. A Texas Christmas Miracle (The Raffertys of Last Stand series Book 2) by Justine Davis contemporary romance. Her stories always draw me into the world she created, seeing the places, feeling the emotions, cheering for the HEA. (Her stories have at least one bedroom scene.)

103. The 9-12 Project by Staci Stallings. This is my second time through the program, and I’m starting it again. Once isn’t enough. 

104. Of Ghosts and Gardens (All Hallow’s Eve Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 13) by Sarah M. Eden historical romance. Short and sweet story. Charming. Loved it! My first story by this author; I want to read more of her stories.

105. It’s You (All Hallow’s Eve Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 13) by Annette Lyon historical romance. A little bit spooky but enjoyable. 

Posted by: Judy | November 16, 2021

SM Post

No matter how dark it feels, Jesus’ love and light are more powerful. No matter how far you’ve fallen, Jesus is able to reach deeper still. Take His hand. No, it isn’t as simple as that. Forces exist in this world that want nothing more than to keep you from reaching for the One who is greater. Reach for Him anyway. Eternity is a long time to regret not taking a chance on Him.

~ Laurel Hawkes

Posted by: Judy | November 15, 2021

Post on SM

Fear/anxiety, weaknesses of mine, are a daily battle. I love God anyway. I seek God anyway. I endeavor to give those weaknesses to God anyway, every day.

~ Laurel Hawkes

Posted by: Judy | November 14, 2021

A bit of inspiration

Posted by: Judy | November 13, 2021

Silly Saturday

Sometimes I feel like I have my life together and then I’m like


that was a really nice 45 seconds.

Posted by: Judy | November 12, 2021

Good News Friday

*A good paper shredder

*Younger brother helping with an errand

*Lunch with him

*Chats with dearest friend

*Dearest friend brought pizza

*Blessed visits with friends

*Making Thank You fudge for the neighbors

*Finding new authors to enjoy

*New books by favorite authors

*Surprise visit with a dear friend

What was something good in your week?

Posted by: Judy | November 11, 2021

Week 45 of Count it all Joy

First: Thank you to all the veterans who’ve served on this Veterans Day.

Luke 15:7 I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. ~ Lord Byron

Tenth Avenue North’s “No One Can Steal Our Joy”

Posted by: Judy | November 10, 2021

SM post

Hang on. Even if it’s only five minutes at a time. God is mindful, no matter how far away He seems to be; He’s right there in it with you. Why He lets pain go on for some people and delivers others is because He sees the end from the beginning. He sees the seed splitting and breaking open, pushing through the dirt to find the sun and bloom. He sees the coal crushed into a diamond. He created the mollusk to turn a grain of sand into a pearl. He made you and whatever the adversary means for harm God will shape into good, giving beauty for ashes. Trust Him with your ashes.

~ Laurel Hawkes

Posted by: Judy | November 9, 2021

Posted on SM

Just because someone looks like they’re coping and functioning doesn’t mean they are. Looks can be deceiving.

~ Laurel Hawkes

Posted by: Judy | November 8, 2021

Posted on Social Media in October 2013

The insight is still applicable:

Heart is heavy. Decisions need to be made, and no matter what unpleasantness lurks, unavoidable. For the moment, turning it over to God. No, I don’t expect Him to solve my problem. He rarely does. How do I learn if He does everything for me? Instead, He is teaching me to make decisions, including unpleasant ones… He’s teaching me to be responsible. Not an easy lesson, ever. Good news? God loves me and only wants what is best for me, no matter how difficult the journey. He knows the end, and holding His hand means I cannot be lost. God bless.

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