Posted by: Judy | February 17, 2020

How’d I do?

I made it through Valentine’s Day and managed to make the whole week pretty good.

First, I mailed the card to the 104-year-old Marine.

I bought 2 more of Traci Hunter Abramson’s Saint Squad series and 1 of her stand alone books.

Starting Monday, I ate better than I had after the dental appointment. I need to plan for that glitch after my next appointment. Note to self: Bread is comfort food but not when I binge on it. I need a healthier comfort habit.

I did pretty good on eating healthy, until my dad came home with a heart box of chocolates for me. Not soy free. However, I didn’t eat all 24 pieces in 1 day. So, I’m calling it a win. šŸ˜€

I took a break from stepping on the scale.

I woke feeling pretty good… I woke feeling happy. I went for my walk, enjoyed my liquid breakfast, and caught up on social media. I enjoyed all the Happy Valentine’s Day wishes. A friend sent a Happy Valentine’s Day text, which I returned and sent several more. I spent time with friends online. I watched a new to me Valentine’s Day movie. It was okay, but I won’t be watching it again, so I put it in the giveaway bag. Then I watched the movie “Old Fashioned.” It makes me laugh and tears my heart. It’s a sweet happily ever after. Five years later and I still love it.

As a side note, I asked permission to reference “Old Fashioned” in my Holiday, USA series, which Rik Swartzwelder granted.

As of Sunday night, eating is almost back to normal. Made it.


  1. Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Chocolate always makes it better:).

    • šŸ™‚

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