Posted by: Judy | February 18, 2020


Many years ago, I started having nerve-rattling dreams about my friends. Instead of asking God to help me understand, I asked Him to make it stop. He did. I had few dreams.

After my dog passed away, I occasionally had dreams about her. I called them nightmares. The dreams were everything I wanted and couldn’t have. Blessedly, my counselor agreed that they were nightmares. He likened it to a starving child dreaming of a feast and waking to another day of no hope for food.

Last week, I realized I never sought God’s teaching. I just wanted it to stop. I told God it would be okay if He sent dreams again. Be careful what you ask for. LOL! Every time I wake, I wake to dreams. Most are simply weird.

However, on Valentine’s Day morning, I woke to dreams of my mother. Instead of freaking out, I asked, “Does this mean anything?”

Two days before, I trashed all my mother’s handwritten letters. One day before, I deleted all the emails and the folder. I’m letting go.

I recently learned that where the Bible says, “Be still,” it doesn’t mean stop, freeze, or silence. Going back to the original meaning of the translation, it means to “Let go.” Let go and let God. I’m learning.


  1. My dead friends visit me in my dreams. I find it most comforting. I’ve had prophetic dreams too…those are spooky but always bring with them a sense of wonder and amazement.
    May all your dreams be nothing but lovely for you. ❤

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