Posted by: Judy | July 5, 2021

Gifts July 2021

Word for the year is Joy. I want to be better. If you don’t know what it means to be better how will you know when you’ve become it? If I don’t define it for myself, the world will define it for me. Guarantee: The world will get it wrong. This year, I’m changing things up a bit anyway. I’m not going to do the different areas, because some I excel at, and others are tougher. My OCD brain bristles at not seeing a balance of colors; never mind the fact that I need to do more work in some areas than others. Let’s face it: Reading is not a habit I need to form; I have it down pat. I’m going to focus on one month at a time. Since I’ve rediscovered Classic Editor, I’ll keep my running list of goals from oldest to newest. I like that. I’ll also use greens and reds for progress checks. 13. Read “Intuitive Eating” 12. Tea as my afternoon snack instead of chips or cookies Continue: 11. Keep track of fluid intake Done. After six weeks, I discovered that to meet the 22-23 cups of fluids, I was drinking more than 10 cups of water and feeling like I was drowning. I’ve increased by water to 6-8 cups, from 5-6 cups, but 10 was too much. I was also eating more so I’d drink more: Counterproductive. Live and learn. 10. Join MeWe Done – Laurel Hawkes 9. Make it through Mother’s Day Done 8. Make it through pipes being replaced Done 7. Let go of more things…giveaway: I’m trying to have a bag to donate to Goodwill once a month. Doing 6. Read “Break the Habit of Being Yourself.” Adapting mediation techniques I’m learning to prayer. Done 5. Go through Project 9-12 by Staci Stallings again Doing 4. Keep laughing Doing 3. Seek God’s hand in everything: I’m not sure how to measure this, but I feel prompted to do it. I forget but will keep working on it. 2. Use the Battle Plan for Prayer Cards from “War Room” Done and shared 1. Publish “A Promise of Possibilities.” Re-read and contact my cover artist to adapt cover.

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