Posted by: Judy | February 15, 2021

SM Post

The adversary doesn’t need you to commit murder to drag you down; he need only discourage you from looking up. A simple distraction will do. Busyness will do. Depression will do. I’ve lived with depression all my life. Sometimes, depression is suppressed anger. I determined long ago that depression was safer than rage. I’ve given my rage to God, but the depression lingers, more habit than need; a habit I’m working to replace with healthier ways. God inspires and I listen, sometimes. I’m working on it. I grumble about the insanity I grew up in, and then must remind myself that no one knows better than Jesus. Strangers wanted Him dead before He was two years old. It didn’t improve with time. He understands. He empathizes, and He’s provided a way to overcome: Follow Him.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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