Posted by: Judy | March 9, 2020

Daylight Savings Time

Did you remember to change your clocks?

I live in Arizona. We tried Daylight Savings Time, once. During the summer, when temperatures hit 115° and higher, we’re begging the sun to go down. It wasn’t long before it was decided that it was a crazy idea. Arizona never participated again. We remain on Mountain Standard Time, year round, which means that during Daylight Savings Time we’re on California time.

For seven years, I worked for a national airline. At the time, Indiana didn’t go on DST either; they’ve since joined the madness. Tracking the time differences became an easy habit.

Do you know the history? I know I’ve blamed Benjamin Franklin. He not only didn’t start it, but when he mentioned it, he was making a joke. Sorry, Ben. Blame Canada. Yep. Canada, but only a few places in Canada. However, what were the first countries to embrace the madness? Germany and Austria.

Time and Date is a website I’ve bookmarked and used extensively in my historical writing, weather, events, a wealth of information.

I spend hours… days… weeks… months… researching before a story is written. Numerous sites are bookmarked for information.

Now you know.


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