Posted by: Judy | September 25, 2018

Autumn Arrived…

…but not so as I’d notice, here. The temperatures are still in the hundreds, though they are dipping into the 90s, now and then. Next week looks more hopeful.

All my plans that I’d hoped to have accomplished are taking ever so much longer than I’d anticipated. Discouraging? Yes. It is the lack of accomplishment that leaves me feeling like the problem is me, wondering if I’m lazy.

Good news: I don’t beat myself up over it anymore. Woohoo.

I do wonder if I could better manage my time. Probably.

The day is started with exercise and breakfast. I water the yard and feed ferals, since I’m up and out before my dad. So far so good.

I read emails, not all of them, mostly blog notifications. I pick and choose. There’s only so much time in the day. Social media is a time stealer, but I do try to limit my time. I often use a 15-minute timer. Of course, sometimes I’m distracted by an unexpected conversation. I do cut this, some days, but it doesn’t improve the amount of writing accomplished.

Clean up. Write a bit. Lunch. Write a bit. Online conversation with a few friends, at a regularly scheduled time, weekdays. Dinner. Write a bit more.

It used to be I’d start writing around 8 PM and go until 1 or 2 in the morning. Now, I start having trouble keeping my eyes open at 8 PM. I’m better about my time on social media in the evenings. It’s an opportunity to connect with friends I don’t often see otherwise. I’m in bed by 10 or 11, with a little reading before turning the light out.

Interspersed throughout the day is taking care of my dad. I’m more involved with other people than ever before in my life. I’ve lost a lot of alone time.

I remind myself that I only fail if I fail to keep trying. Sometimes, I need to step back and look at what’s happening in my life. Not really much I can change. What I can, I’m working on. I need to keep working on not beating myself up for not meeting what are now unreasonable expectations.

Learning what is reasonable is tougher than I’d hoped.

Thanks, Jeff. Perfect timing:

I’m tired but not depressed. Huge progress and really good to know.


  1. Love it! Isn’t progress beautiful!

    • Yes! Thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. Keep smiling and moving forward, Judy ~ πŸ™‚ wishing you a great autumn.

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚

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