Posted by: Judy | September 4, 2017

Gifts September 2017

A new start. I’ve mentioned in years past that I don’t care for “resolutions.” I’m not a fan of “goals,” either. Resolutions speak of a commitment I don’t always feel. I know, allowing my emotions to dictate isn’t healthy. Goals remind me of sports, something at which I’ve never excelled. I feel beaten before I’ve started. Instead, I like to think of giving myself Gifts throughout the year.

I have to admit I like Cake Wrecks’ “resolutions.”

I also like Tony Robbins’ “New Year, New You.”

First time I’ve been able to embed a video. Learned something new! It’s about 35 minutes. I’ve listened to it twice already. It’s a great opportunity for me to do a little doodling.

I also loved Sharon Hamilton’s post, this week, and decided to add some of hers to mine. Starting with the “Writing Every Day.”

1 Write Every Day. I do this, one way or another.

2 Set up an author page at Author Central on Amazon. I’d like readers to be able to more easily find my books. My author page/blog on blogger lists all my books, but it would be good to have more of a presence on Amazon. Looking into it and not sure it works with the reviews I write.

3 Last month, I started a new weight loss “plan.” I’m losing 1% of my total body weight at a time. Each 1% has it’s own number in the sequence. I lost #3 several times. Started over on #1 and am now on #4, again. Now on #6.

4 Publish “Giving Thanks,” novella #11 of the Holiday, USA series. 29 May

5 Publish novella #12 of the Holiday, USA series, “Christmas Lost.” This one is only vaguely outlined in my head. As of May 1st, I’ve started writing. As of July 1st, it’s more than half done. I have to write faster. Almost done.

6 I was channel surfing and caught a segment that stated a person needs 7 hours and 13 minutes of sleep every night. Not 8. Achieving the 8 has always been difficult for me. I usually end up with a broken 7 or so. I’m willing to give it a try. Some nights are better than others. May 1st – Improving. July 1st – I need closer to 8. Lesson learned. However, with my rain and stars, I’m now able to sleep up to 5 hours straight. It’s been a long time since I could do that. Doing it.

7 Publish Knight in Disguise. The actual publishing is done by my publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. It’s the last in my Endless Knights series, and the last of my contracted books. Advertising is pretty much up to me. I’m lousy at it, but I make the attempt anyway. February.

8 Work on developing the next Regency series.

9 Fill out an estate plan, this year.

10 As I wear a shirt, move it to the left, so I know what I’m actually wearing. Done.

11 Fix the rash on the back of my hands. Hand lotion after I wash my hands, every time, keeps it from returning. Done.

12 Nightlight for the bathroom. I hate the dark, and I’m tired of pretending like it doesn’t matter. I found a children’s lantern that projects stars, and I love it. Moved the lantern to my room. Use battery candles. Done.

13 Participate in a telephone-conference Bible study. Doing and loving.

14 Send autographed book for charity basket friend is prepping. Done.

15 Publish Holiday, USA Anthology 2016.

16 Write novella #13.

17 Practice Box Breathing from Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine, using the mantra: Give the battle to God; Praise God in the storm. Still practicing, not a habit yet. I can do the breathing, but now when I say my mantra the breathing automatically kicks in, except it isn’t quite automatic. I start thinking about breathing and stop thinking about what I’m saying. I need to figure out something else.

18 New writing goal: Six days a week, 10 circles each day, star for every 100 words written. I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks and found it helpful. Some days are better than other.

19 Every time I write 100 words I can take a break and play, a computer game or read. Stopped working when I reached a point where editing to began. I need to figure out something else for editing.


20 ALEP ~ A Long Expected Party

21 Cut as much soy from my diet as possible.


  1. I know you don’t want to use the word “goals,” but you have a lot of goals you are trying to accomplish here! Very good… we have 4 months left in 2017, anything is possible. Keep striving and thanks for the video.

    • Thanks, and you’re most welcome. 🙂

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