Posted by: Judy | December 21, 2015

Rethinking gratitude…

Between Evan Sanders coaching and a sermon by Joel O’Steen, I’m shuffling my perspective and practice of gratitude.

I’m glad I started my Good News Fridays. Some weeks are easier than others. No matter how difficult, I’ve managed to find something to be grateful for every week. Evan and Joel have offered fine-tuning ideas.

My first gratitude journal was started years ago. In fact, I’ve started gratitude journals several times. List five items every day. The journals always grew redundant. I felt less and less grateful for it. Fail.

Evan suggested writing for five minutes every day. For me, this completely changed my perspective. I have a little Lord of the Rings themed journal. Five minutes fills one small page. Often one thing leads to another. I enjoy ending the day with this exercise. It fills my head with good memories right before bed.

Joel talked about celebrating the partial victories. I don’t do that well. I don’t celebrate partial victories because I’m afraid of messing up. The most obvious example is my struggle with my weight. I lose five pounds and I don’t celebrate because they might come back. In fact, they usually do. I’m able to see now that I often set myself up to fail. Another example is I grumble because I don’t write as many words as I’d hoped. Instead, I need to celebrate how much I do write. Something else Evan helped me reframe, thanks to the gratitude lesson.

If writing for five minutes is easier for me than a certain number of items, maybe writing for a certain amount of time would help me more than setting a certain number of words. Actually, I need a combination of words and time. On a good day, I write about 400 words in an hour. However, 500 is easier for me to track. Every 500 words I give myself an hour. I take breaks when a chapter is finished and when I finish 500 words. Maybe I need to make it more of a celebration.

I’m hoping this will help me better focus on meeting my writing goals.



  1. A former yoga teacher of mine had a saying I like, “If you’re havi a bad day, change your mind.” It doesn’t always work, but a lot of times it does.

    • I’m surprised by how often simply taking note of my attitude and making a different choice really does work. Of course, the trick is stepping back far enough to see what I’m doing to myself. Great quote.

  2. I like the idea of celebrating small partial successes. Too often we demand of our selves a perfection that far exceeds anything reasonable. Food for thought here. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome.

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