Posted by: Judy | February 6, 2023

What is real?

The adversary. “The Christian Fiction Girl” shares book reviews, but Thursday is “His Encouragement” Day. Last Thursday she shared the reminder that “The devil is real.”

I heard him once described this way: “He will appear as everything you’ve ever wanted.”

For me, he whispered in my ear about how worthless I was, how stupid, useless, ugly, lost, unlovable. He went so far as to convince me that I was evil, wicked. How could God want someone like me?

When I watched the Kendrick Brothers’ movie “War Room” it was the first time I’d seen someone walk through the house casting out the adversary. I knew it could be done, but as I mentioned last Thursday, I need to see and do for it to stick. I’m sorry to say the lesson was wishy-washy for me. I did a half-hearted job once. However, it was in my head now.

I read Staci Stallings’ book “A Love Like This,” the third book in her Grace series. The hero is working on renovating a home after a hurricane. He walks through the house banishing the adversary every day. Wait…what? It wasn’t a once and done?

Does the adversary tempt only once?

Of course it isn’t a once and done.

Staci shared her banishing prayer in her book “The 9-12 Project.” I was having trouble remembering the prayer, so I adapted it a little bit for me. Banishing the adversary to the throne of God because I am covered by the blood of Jesus.

When I was so sick, in July/August 2021, darkness gathered. Every night, I applied what I’d learned. I was too weak to walk through the house, at first. I don’t believe I would have survived without it.

The adversary is real. He hates us. He doesn’t need us to commit murder. He only needs us to ignore God, to be too busy to hear God, to believe God doesn’t want us, to think Jesus can’t save us.

More important and powerful is knowing: God is Real. Jesus’ Atonement is Real. Jesus wants us, loves us, lived for us, died for us, and resurrected for us. Jesus is more powerful than the adversary, not just a little bit more powerful but absolutely, totally and completely more powerful. Jesus wins, hands down, no questions asked, without a doubt.

The only question is “Do I believe Him?”

If I believe Him, will I choose Him?

He understands my faith does and will tremble, which is why He keeps His hand held out for me to grasp every single time I let go, no matter the reason. He is my Real and personal Savior and Redeemer.


  1. Thank you for this reminder. Too often I allow the enemy to get in my head without realizing it is him. When we keep this in mind, it helps us to turn things around. Also I know you have mentioned the 9-12 project many times, so I have added to my wish list!

    • You’re welcome. I hope you find it helpful.

  2. The evil one’s darkness attempts to squeeze into the cracks and crevices of our lives just as freezing rain does the same with our streets. However, our faith holds on to the Light. Praise Jesus!

    • Amen!

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