Posted by: Judy | November 8, 2022

Report on my adventure

I had planned on attending the ANWA conference in September. However, a friend was moving, and I already had plans to attend a LOTR event the following week. Too much going on. Worked out for the best. I’d joined the SM group attending while I’d still be planning to attend. A teacher at American Leadership Academy, Queen Creek K-6 asked for a volunteer published author to speak to her class for career day. I thought, “Hey, I could do that.” Then I talked to God. It was only a few days away. I was overcome with a sense of calm I can’t explain.

The teacher and I messaged and then texted back and forth. She wanted me to talk to the children about why I decided to become a writer and what the challenges were, along with a bit of advice. When I realized I’d have 40 minutes, my heart stuttered. I’d been thinking 20 minutes. Only panicked for a moment. Just do the next thing.

And so it began. Before I knew it, over a half hour passed. It left time for Q and A. The children (ended up being the whole 6th grade) were attentive and polite and asked great question. They have a roving report segment run by the children, and I was interviewed.

I had a delightful time and would do it again in a heartbeat. My thanks to ALA for the wonderful opportunity. I was reminded of my love for writing.


  1. That’s amazing! Way to go! I am glad everyone enjoyed it – not only the kids, but you as well. What a blessing !

    • Yes, indeed. 🙂

  2. So glad you enjoyed it!😊

    • I did. 🙂

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