Posted by: Judy | August 19, 2022

Good News Friday

*Movies I enjoyed, this week: “Steps of Faith” “Love Knots” “The Natural” “The Black Stallion” “Facing the Giants” “Courageous” “Heaven is Waiting”

*The view of the Superstition Mountains on my walks.

*Phone calls with dear friends

*Schwan’s lasagna – yummy

*Occasionally sleeping in

* A cool breeze at 9 am. Inconceivable! LOL!

*Visiting a friend

*A break in the storms, giving me a chance to work on rewrites

*Lunch with friends at Cafe Zupas with friends ~ Delightful

*Turkey, Bacon, and Avocado on white roll and Mushroom Bisque ~ Delicious

*Dinner with the neighbors

*Yummy Rosati’s pizza and ice cream sandwich

*Rise Up Classic Country White bread and cookies

*God’s grace

What was something good in your week?


  1. We invited some people over to our humble home, cooked out on the grill and had a great time! 😀

    • Delightful and delicious! 🙂

  2. – Seeing the moon. One night full and pretty. Then some mornings not full, but high and overhead.
    – Enjoying early mornings when I take the dogs out. It is peaceful and I thank God for a new day.
    – Good movies: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Paper Angels, Christmas Angel, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
    – Donated some items to the Haven Hospice Thrift Store.
    – Feeling the Holy Spirit during worship at church.
    – Enjoyable and peaceful exercise.
    – One morning this week the day started off in the 60s. (Usually starts in the 70s here.)

    • – Lovely, it has been beautiful this week. – Great way to start the day. – I enjoy Christmas Angel and Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade! I’ll have to add those other two to my watch list. *Bless you for blessing others. – Awesome – Go you! *Fall is coming! 🙂

  3. 1. We had a good rain which we badly needed. 2. Our son is home to London(from Paraguay) and travelled safely. 3. My physio told me I am doing well and keeping up at home with my exercises is paying off. At home I now can walk without a cane. This is indeed a gift from God. 4.Tomorrow we go to see our Grandson play 3 soccer games for the soccer club’s end of season championships. We will be there to cheer him and his teammates on ! Have a happy and peaceful weekend Judy.

    • 1 Woohoo! 2 What a blessing! 3 Awesome! 4 Have fun! You, too, Anne Leueen!

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