Posted by: Judy | August 9, 2022

SM post

Search for those who inspire you, encourage you, lift you. God filled the world with amazing, wonderful people. Jesus commanded us to love God and your neighbor as yourself, a three-legged stool. Everyone remembers the love God and love your neighbor parts. Don’t forget the third leg, to love yourself, or the stool topples over. Do for yourself what you’d do for your neighbor. Remember that loving your neighbor and your enemy is not a free for all. We are told that if we’re asked to walk a mile then we should walk two, which in no way means walking a hundred or a thousand miles. Giving your coat and your cloak doesn’t including all the clothes you own. Jesus is asking you to go a little bit further than asked. For those who deal with abusers who love to use scripture as a whip, Jesus asks you to follow Him first. If what’s being asked doesn’t lead you closer to Him, then it’s going in the wrong direction. Choose Him.

~ Laurel Hawkes


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