Posted by: Judy | June 22, 2022

Laurel Hawkes’ SM Post

I’m not good at praying. I tend to keep things general. I pray specific for others but not for me. I’ve tried to be specific only to learn how not in tune I am with God’s will. I often talk to God, throughout the day, but I’m not as good at listening. I don’t really expect an answer; I also worry that I’ll answer myself thinking it’s from God. I remember praying, numerous times, asking for God to go ahead and use a 2×4 board to grab my attention. He obliged on numerous occasions, answering me so obviously even I couldn’t misconstrue His response. I’m endeavoring to be more receptive and more aware. God gives me the opportunity to practice every day.

~ Laurel Hawkes

Then this last year happened. Much of the above is still true, however, a lesson was learned: Pray for God to open the doors that need to be opened and to close the doors that need to be closed. It’s another way of praying for “Thy will be done, not mine.”


  1. We are almost the same but my main problem with asking God for things is, God has been so gracious to me, He has blessed me in ways I didn’t even think of, I am a case of from grass to grace so much so that I feel embarrassed asking for things from God🤣my prayers always begin with, God, I am in awe of your goodness in my life and I feel embarrassed that I still have to ask for this from you…..then I go ahead and ask for it. He always comes through still but I hate situations that push me to go to God asking for stuff. I just feel comfortable going before Him to say thank you and praise Him and pray for others and end my prayer. Because I know he Knows the desires of my heart before I even voice them you know🤣but anyway He is our father we have no where else to go. I enjoyed reading your blog. Be blessed 🙏

    • Thank you kindly. ❤

  2. Beautiful post

    • Thank you.

  3. Prayer is such a privilege afforded us by God. We can talk with Him anytime, anywhere. He does and will answer in His time and His way. What a wonderful Father is He!

    • Amen

  4. Open doors,
    Open hearts
    Open minds

  5. Amen! Life’s journey brings its share of challenges, but God is always with us. I am thankful that He opens His heart to hear my prayers.

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