Posted by: Judy | June 17, 2022

Good News Friday

*Reconstruction of master bath is mostly done, as of Friday afternoon.

*Pineapple coconut jam

*Shuffling things in the house to work better for me.

*Movies I enjoyed watching this week: “What If” “I Can Only Imagine” “Independence Day” “Fly Away Home” “When the Game Stands Tall” “Mr. Holland’s Opus” “Soul Surfer” “Facing the Giants” “Priceless” is a movie (2016) based on actual events. The Smallbone brothers of For King and Country put the project together to bring awareness to human trafficking. It’s a difficult watch and inspiring.

*Air conditioning and fans, both together make a big difference.

*Being able to have one of my favorite authors sign her most recent release: “Not Dead Yet” by Traci Hunter Abramson

*More pretty stained glass film on back “screen” door, to help reduce heat. Can’t hurt.

*Spinach salad, fresh spinach, mild cheddar cheese, canned chicken, balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan and basil olive oil


*Sweet helpful couple

*Using the Family Tree app, ^ we discovered she is my 10th cousin once removed through my mother, while he is my 10th cousin once removed through my father. Fun!

*Air tire pressure checked, bless the young man working in the heat and remained pleasant.

*God expects me to not run faster than I can walk.

*Yummy chicken salad using canned chicken, olive oil mayo, dried cranberries, and pecans

*Master bath floor is done and beautiful.

*Cooler temps, as in under 110 for a few days.

*Learning to ask God, “What do you want me to learn?”

*Master Bath is done. Waiting for the final dry before using. Woohoo!

*Potluck at women’s meeting using our food storage. Some amazingly delicious food. I shared 2-Ingredient Fudge for National Fudge Day from The Hillbilly Kitchen on YouTube

*Air Conditioning

*God’s grace

What was something good in your week?


  1. – It was fun texting my father about baseball. (We were watching the same games because of certain team we were following.)
    – Got my iPad fixed. (Screen was cracked.) And got a more protective case.
    – Writing some.
    – Then I heard two sermons that contained the same Bible stories that I had written about. I took that as a confirmation from God that I was on the right track.
    – Trying to remember that I need to hold tightly to Lord and not allow anything or anyone to bring me down.
    – Reading good blog posts.
    – Reading good books.
    – Made yummy cheese cake tarts.
    – A family gathering.
    – Discovered a potato salad recipe that I loved. It had dill pickle juice in it.
    – Thank you for sharing one of my blog posts last Saturday. ๐Ÿ˜
    – Church.
    – God helped me to stay productive at work, even when I had little sleep.
    – Pink flowers on the side of the house. (Maybe lilies of some sort?)
    – A good nightโ€™s sleep.
    – I felt like I got a hug from God one evening when I was feeling down, then read one thing that made me feel better, and later heard a Bible verse that made me feel better.

    • -Awesome! *Yay for fixed stuff and writing! *Cool to have that affirmation. -Always a challenge to remember. *Good reading is always a blessing. *Lots of deliciousness. *Lovely to be with family! *Happy to. ๐Ÿ™‚ *Church is a blessing. -Well done! -Pretty! *Nothing like a good night’s sleep. -Awesome. โค

  2. You have had a busy week Judy. Same here .1. another wind storm with torrential rain and hail and thunder. I had finished riding and we got all the horses in to the barn in time and my Biasini handled it very well. 2. nice chats with our daughter during the week.She calls us on her way home from work. 3. Our son is back in London in his home and will be going back to Paraguay to continue with the project there later in the summer. 4 tomorrow we are going to see our daughter Grandson and son in law. We will stay over till Sunday.

    • Well done, Biasini. ๐Ÿ™‚ How wonderful to be able to communicate on such a regular basis. I can’t imagine flying back and forth like that! Godspeed. Have fun!

  3. โค๏ธ

  4. I feel a lot better! I talked to my doctor’s office and the tests have come back amazing! YAY! I am very thankful!

    • Woohoo! Praise God. ๐Ÿ™‚

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