Posted by: Judy | June 7, 2022

Debunking Beauty Memes

I’ve seen a lot of memes about Beauty not being about the face or about how you look. In an effort to make ourselves feel better we feel the need to dismiss what’s been held up by the world and replace it with what the world has derided.

Here’s the problem: We’re allowing the World to make any kind of definition at all.

Why do we do that?

The World is messed up. It’s sinful. It changes in a snap.

As regards beauty: the World lauded Botticelli and his curvaceous women, wearing nothing but long hair, sometimes. Today, they’re labeled fat. The modeling industry brought us Twiggy and anorexia, though by no means for the first time. At one time, diet pills contained tapeworms. Congratulations! You’re skinny, but you die in the end.

Here’s the Solution: God has already set His standard. It’s the only one that counts.

God doesn’t dismiss physical beauty. He created butterflies. He also created warthogs. He created soaring mountains and mud pots, vast oceans and quicksand.

I confess I appreciate people who are pleasing to the eye.

It’s important to not stop there. God doesn’t stop there either. Sometimes beauty starts on the surface and goes deep. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes beauty starts deep inside and spreads to the surface. Sometimes it doesn’t. Some people are beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside. Some people are beautiful on the inside and ugly on the outside. Please note: You’ve stepped into the trap of the World perspective again.

God is always looking at everything. He doesn’t pick things apart. He sees the whole, all the time. He may address something small. How many times have those little, oddball prayers been answered? He isn’t worried about those; you are. He is mindful of you.

Have you wondered why He hasn’t answered a prayer? You see the lack. God sees what’s coming and what He has planned. He sees how that prayer may lead you astray or the answer is coming but other pieces need to slide into place first.

God wants us to obey His commandments and follow Him not to punish us or spoil the fun but to help us learn to see through His eyes instead of ours. Too often, we crow over our fistful of dirt while God is waiting to share with us worlds without end. Let go of the dirt. I didn’t say it was easy. The awesome thing is that God is willing to wait for us when we dawdle and forgive us in an instant when we turn away for a moment. God is happy when we choose Him no matter how badly as long as we are seeking Him.


  1. True beauty comes from within!

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