Posted by: Judy | May 27, 2022

Good News Friday

*Good friends who encourage and inspire

*God’s peace

*Good movies “The Black Stallion” “Max”

*Made Stove Top dressing in the micro for the first time. Success!

*Much needed information and help from a brother in Christ.

*A delightful baby shower for a sweet family member

*Air conditioning

*God’s peace in the midst of stormy turmoil (yes, listed before and will list again)

*Eating healthier


*Discovering shoes tucked away in boxes I’d forgotten about

*Inspirational podcasts (I watch on YouTube.)

*Visiting a friend

*Smiles and greetings shared with strangers

*Safely running errands

*Learning to call on God’s protection when the adversary won’t leave you alone.

*Cherry fritters

*A bevy of quail wandered across the road and through my neighbor’s carport, two adults and a passel of chicks.

*Neighbors’ lantanas in bloom, purple, yellow, and red varieties

*Re-write of “Hidden Possibilities” is moving along faster.

*God’s peace

*Grilled hot dog

*Air conditioning

*Finally realizing that self-care isn’t indulging but anything that helps me become healthier.

*Employees that patiently talk me through what needs to be done.

*God’s grace

What was something good in your week?


  1. That is a packed week filled with good things for sure! I laughed when I read the part about coming across some forgotten items. I did that the other day, too, and was so pleased to find a “new” item I didn’t have to shop for. 😄

    • Love those kinds of surprises. 🙂

  2. – I like what you said about “Learning to call on God’s protection when the adversary won’t leave you alone.” I had a day like that too.
    – Saw a double rainbow.
    – Gathered for dinner for a family member’s birthday.
    – Good sermon on TV.
    – God helped me through the week, filled with meetings, and tasks that I felt confused about.
    – I know I say this one a lot, but I also know you understand: Good books!

    • ~Extra prayers for you Bridget; those are rough days. ~Gorgeous! ~Fun and delicious! ~Inspiration coming into the home is always welcome. ~God is so good, all the time. ~Absolute agree! 😀

  3. A little trip to Ft. Meyers, FL for some R&R.

    • How wonderful! Definitely a good thing!

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