Posted by: Judy | May 24, 2022

Follow Up On Yesterday

I wrote yesterday’s post on May 1, and this one on May 3 for SM:

Thank you, Jennifer (sp?), at Apple Support. I tried installing the most recent update and failed, with a black screen. Had I lost everything? Text oldest brother at 11:30 PM. He texted back in the morning to make an appointment at Mac Genius Bar. He looked up the phone number for me and the address. (No computer no “yellow pages.”) Texted next older brother and asked if he’d help me take my computer in, as I was pretty sure I couldn’t carry it, light but awkward and a back that would let me know. He agreed and let me know what times worked for him. MGB doesn’t open until 10am. I called right before 10am, and ended up switched over to Apple Support. Jennifer walked me through what I needed to do, repeating herself because I have trouble processing spoken words. A couple hours later, and my computer was working with the new update. To say I was in hysterics for a time would be a vast understatement; I’ve lost a computer before to lightning. I was proud of myself because even as I cried I spoke aloud, “God is good, all the time. God is worthy of praise. Praise the name of the Lord.” I self-chastized, but kept interrupting myself with thanking God for His goodness. He saw to every little thing. Alas, my mouse is no longer compatible but it still works; I’m just missing the extra button features for easier scrolling. Doable for the time being. Thanks to my older brothers and thanks God.

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