Posted by: Judy | May 20, 2022

Good News Friday

*A new dear friend stopped by. I want to be more like her.

*Being able to call a friend I knew would understand.

*Help that didn’t cost me anything. Didn’t solve the problem but pointed me in the right direction.

*Knowing God gathers my tears.

*Encouragement from blogging friends, especially when they didn’t know I needed it. Thanks God for inspiring them.

*A leaky shower drain seems to be fixed with a bit of packing tape. Now to figure out the other leaks.

*The space blanket that covers my kitchen window in the the afternoons, dropping the temperature by four degrees. The gold side in adds a lovely hue.

*My tower fan that I bought for my dog years ago does a great job of cooling my toasty office.



*The chance to help a friend

*Praying for others

*Air conditioning

*Good movies: “Sense and Sensibility” “Race to Space” “The Dating Handbook”

*Watched the lunar eclipse, with the moon playing peek-a-boo through the mares’ tail clouds. Cool.

*A good difference in how I feel going through the day thinking, “God is protecting me.”

*Made healthy choices shopping

*People I enjoy seeing, every time, at the places I go.

*Making progress on rewrites

*I can’t explain the joy of opening the door for someone and someone opening the door for me, people just being polite and helpful to each other. Love it.

*Be careful what you pray for: I prayed for God to help make my house a home and safe; a plumber, reconstruction adjuster, and insurance adjuster are trying to help now. Thanks, God? Struggling to keep my sense of humor and not utterly failing.

*Good friends checking up on me.

*Quail outside my office window

*Precious moments of peace and calm, no matter how short

*Delicious lunch with dear friends at Raising Cane, laughter and encouragement

*A dear friend is teaching me to say “Thanks, God, for the challenge.” Not easy but good.

*God’s grace

What was something good in your week?


  1. – Good blog posts and good conversations in the comments.
    – A big & busy week at work, but all went well.
    – Learning to cling to God in the midst of stress.
    – God’s presence and goodness are always there, if I remember to look.
    – Watching baseball on TV.
    – Good books.
    – My husband got his shop insulated.
    – Thankful for a new day.
    – And thankful that it’s Friday!

    • I love hearing from my blogging friends. I’ve met so many wonderful people online and enjoyed the opportunity to meet them in person. ~ Busy can be tough. Glad it went well. Not an easy lesson to learn, but worth it. ~ Amen! ~ Fun! ~ Always a good thing. So many books, so little time. ~ Good for him! ~ Every day. ~ Haha!

  2. 1.) The hummingbirds have returned. 2.) Even though we had a bad storm, the damage was minimal. 3.) Walks in the fresh air. 4.) The spring flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the trees have fresh green leaves. 5.) Good neighbors.🙂

    • ~ How lovely! ~ Blessing! ~ Delightful ~ Beautiful! ~ Can’t beat ’em. I have some too. 🙂

  3. A day at the park with some of my favorite kiddos.

    • Not much better than that!

  4. You have had a busy week full of gratitude . In my week: 1. A wonderful book. The Book of Joy with Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. 2. our son arrived safely in Paraguay to begin work on a project there. 3. Fish and Chips for dinner tonight. 4. fresh butter tart for dessert. 5. Tomorrow friends from Australia who are doing a “train a thon” across Canada are coming for lunch. Have not seen them for years. 6. Was able to help a friend today with some encouragement and sympathy. Have a good weekend Judy.

    • I have. ~Sounds like a wonderful book. ~Glad he arrived safe and sound. ~Yummy! ~Drooling over that tart! LOL! ~How delightful! ~Bless you for being a good friend. You, too, Anne Leueen.

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