Posted by: Judy | May 13, 2022

Good News Friday

*Delicious lunch and delightful conversation with a dear friend

*Kneaders’ Turkey on Country White and raspberry cheesecake

*A good day

*Air conditioning

*Lovely neighbors

*Movies “Max” “Joy for Christmas” “The Natural” “The Black Stallion”

*Family visit


*Learning to share and see blessings multiply


*Texting with dear friends, near and far

*My favorite grocery store, finding what I need and friendly employees I know by name

*Liberty Cooling and Heating checked my A/C and gave it a clean bill of health and was impressed by how good it looked. The gentleman patiently answered lots of questions and even washed off my unit, showing me how to store the hose and proving my outside faucet works. God blessing.

*Cherry fritters

*No water on the floor outside the shower

*Cutting seed pods out of my pygmy palms and pulling weeds

*Blueberry muffin in a cup

*Remembering to ask God, “What do You want me to learn from this?”

*A few cooler days, in the 80s, before heading into the 100s.

*Chatting with wonderful neighbors in person and via texts

*Offer of help to buy my new phone

*Neighbors helping with a leaky shower. God willing, it’s an easy fix.

*Figuring out how to open one window, a few to go.

*God’s grace

What was something good in your week?


  1. I had some deep and meaningful conversations this week

    • Wonderful. ❤

  2. – Took my husband to see a doctor who truly cares.
    – My husband was really sick, but is now doing a lot better.
    – A new coffee mug (given to me as a gift).
    – Good movies.
    – Good books.
    – Survived Mother’s Day.
    – I heard an owl.
    – God helped me with a lot of work on my plate.
    Judy, I especially appreciate your reminder to ask God, “What do You want me to learn from this?” I need to remember that too, instead of feeling defeated when things go wrong! 🦋

    • ~So glad to hear he’s doing better. ~Fun! ~Whoohoo for good movies and books. ~Yay! 🙂 ~Hearing an owl really is a treat. ~What a blessing. Thank you so much for that reminder. I’m really struggling today with plumbing problems, feeling overwhelmed. Love the butterfly. God bless you. ❤

      • I’m sorry! Praying your plumbing problems get better. God bless you too 🤗♥️

        • Thank you! ❤

  3. A good week. 1. Weather was near perfect with lots of sunshine and warm days. 2.Went for a lovely ride in the forest with Biasini and saw the spring Trilliums in bloom. 3. Our son is off to work on a project in Paraguay. He says he has now worked on all five continents. He loves to travel and is looking forward to a new country to explore. 4 Our daughter has had a nice break at the end of the hockey season ( she works for a professional AHL team) and took a trip with her husband and son for a couple of days. 5. Grateful for all my blessings.

    • Wonderful. ~How lovely! ~Good for you and Biasini. ~Cool! God bless him. ~How fun for her! ~Amen.

  4. Gratitude for my new job going well.

    • A very good thing!

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