Posted by: Judy | April 27, 2022

Little Nudge From God

As I was packing and get rid of so many things, I came across my salad spinner. I hadn’t used it in years. I thought I ought to let it go, but something inside encouraged me to keep it. What would it hurt? If I discovered I didn’t have space, I could always give it away. It fit in the cupboard with my pans. Being plastic, I could simply set it on top of one of the stacks. And there it sat, from December 2021.

Last week, my church had a women’s activity (Relief Society), dinner and an inspirational speaker talking about making the Lord a part of every day life. The dinner consisted of flour tortillas, pulled pork, black beans, rice, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, tortilla strips, and ranch cilantro dressing. I volunteered to cut up lettuce, 17 heads of Romain hearts.

Thanks God for the little nudge. I chopped and dumped a head in my spinner, rinsed, dried, and tossed in a clean plastic bag, ready to go. It was all done in 1-1/2 hours. The spinner made it so much easier. I’ve gratefully slid my spinner back into the cupboard. I may not need it, but then again…

For those who don’t know what one is, this link will take you to one similar to mine: Amazon Salad Spinner


  1. I would have gotten rid of the salad spinner long ago and then kicked myself because I needed it! I’m glad that you listened to that “Still Small Voice”

    • 🙂 ❤

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