Posted by: Judy | March 25, 2022

Good News Friday

*Texting with friends near and far

*A lovely visit from an out-of-town friend

*Movie “Sabrina” (Harrison Ford version)

*Saw a quail and listened to its song, on my walk, twice.

*Cleaning house, doing laundry, taking care of my yard


*Long-awaited new book, last book, in a series

*Blueberry muffin in a cup

*Beautiful day

*Fun stories

*Uplifting music

*Opportunities to serve


*Chatting with neighbors

*Happy memories

*God’s grace

What was something good in your week?


  1. -Car show
    -nudges from God
    -met two baseball players from same team who are also brothers
    -God helped me figure out something difficult that I was working on at work
    -baseball game
    -getting some movement in most days

    • ~ Fun! ~ Uplifting ~ Inspiring ~ Delightful! ~ Awesome! ~ More fun! ~ Good for you!

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