Posted by: Judy | January 31, 2022

Reading List 6-10

6Caroles on the Green (Winter Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 1)by Joyce DiPasterna medieval romance. I’m not sure I could like the heroin, but as I learned about her I understood her better. Loved the story.

7A Winter’s Knight (Winter Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 1) by Donna Hatch Regency romance. I love Donna Hatch’s stories. This one is no exception. Delightful.

8. A Fortunate Exile (Winter Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 1) by Heather B. Moore historical romance, set in 1901. God takes what was meant for ill and creates a way to joy. 

9Redemption (Saint Squad series)by Traci Hunter Abramson suspense romance. Her books are always page turners, and I lament them being over too soon, only because I enjoy them so much. This book was one I was hoping she’d write, and she didn’t disappoint. 

10. Fairy Christmas (Silver Bells Collection: A Timeless Romance Anthology) by Lucinda Brant Georgian (1767) romance. A sweet romance with a bit of a surprise. Delightful.


  1. I haven”t heard of these. Will have to check these out. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think there are over 22 of these anthology collections. Of the ones I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed them all.

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