Posted by: Judy | January 28, 2022

Good News Friday

*My new community has a food truck every other Friday. Last Friday was QuesoGood; the California BLT quesadilla was delicious.

*Texting with friends

*Blessed rain

*Baking Cowboy Coffee Cake for the first time in years

*Answered prayer: I sat in church wondering if I was in the wrong place. As soon as the meeting ended, a woman introduced herself and promptly took me under her wing, introducing me to people and assuring me that other members live in my community. Through this woman, God promptly answered: “You’re in the right place.”

*My new church family

*Saw the Chihuly glass exhibit at the Botanical Garden with a friend

*Watched “Sidekicks,” a fun movie, on Amazon Prime. My dad and I both love Chuck Norris.

*Women’s meeting at church about changing your thinking. Awesome.

*God’s grace

What was something good in your week?


  1. – Cooler temperatures giving Florida a small taste of winter.
    – I worked on my book.
    – Lots of reading.
    – Technology that allows me to communicate with loved ones who don’t live near.
    – Knowing friends are praying.

    • -Nice! *Good for you! *Yay! -Good thing. *Amen!

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