Posted by: Judy | October 25, 2021


Why I wrote a novella featuring this holiday:

For some, Halloween is to be ignored or condemned. It’s seen as a celebration of the adversary and all that is evil.

I’ve read historical accounts that would agree. I’ve also read accounts that it’s a celebration of the turning of the season. Depends on your point of view.

For others, Halloween is the best holiday of the year, the costumes and decorations and free candy! The chance to pretend without being ridiculed. It’s fun.

I don’t do scary. No zombies or monsters. Too much of my life was spent in fear, so I choose to focus on the joy of a beautiful season.

I’m all kinds of impressed by some of the decorating I’ve seen in many yards, from hay bales to carved pumpkins to those colorful leaves that one only sees in the fall, but not here. The desert doesn’t really have a fall.

I’m not a fan of pirates; I know their brutal history. However, I can’t deny this is adorable.

This year, Halloween falls on the Sabbath. I can’t help but be amused. God wins.

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