Posted by: Judy | October 11, 2021

Post on SM

Choosing Jesus doesn’t make the problems go away. In fact, they increase. The adversary is most pleased when you ignore the Commandments, ignore the need to repent, ignore Jesus. It annoys the adversary when you set your heart and sight on Jesus. Why follow Jesus if it’s only going to cause trouble? Because Jesus offers peace of mind and heart totally unfamiliar to the adversary. Jesus offers hope, a God-given gift. Yes, sometimes hope is painful, especially when it feels like it’s dashed against the rocks. Here’s the thing: Hope is of God and God is eternal. Hope is a candle in the darkness, and the adversary is incapable of offering or providing anything but a counterfeit that doesn’t last. Only Jesus is able to offer what the soul truly seeks: Everlasting hope, love, and peace.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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