Posted by: Judy | September 28, 2021

Never Stop Learning

I was reading “Equine Fun With Carrot Tops” over at The Backyard Horse Blog:

When I read about those sensitive to alkaloids and nitrates avoiding carrot tops, I did a little research. Being severely allergic to eggs and recently discovering that my almond allergy is worse than I thought, I’m particularly curious.

Alkaloids are in nightshade foods. I can’t have peppers, cayenne, or chipotle. I have to be careful about not eating a lot of tomatoes, and it’s better if they’re cooked. I don’t often eat eggplant; okay, I only eat eggplant parmesan on rare occasions. I love potatoes. What if I’m sensitive to them too?

More experimenting with food.

Below is a blueberry croissant from P.Croissant. Yummy and no allergens involved. Thanks God.

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