Posted by: Judy | September 15, 2021

Reading List 76-80

76. A Little Piece of Heaven (Faith Series Book 2) by Staci Stallings Christian romance. I love her stories and characters.

77. A Light in the Darkness (Faith Series Book 3) by Staci Stallings Christian romance. The faith-building aspect of Staci’s stories is a major reason I read her. She helps my faith grow.

78. Deep in the Heart by Staci Stallings Christian romance. I’m not usually a fan of love triangles, but I’m always inspired by the journey Staci’s protagonists take in coming to God. If I have a paperback, like I do this one, I highlight passages I need in my own life.

79. Coning Undone by Staci Stallings Christian romance. God’s timing is perfect. I started reading this book shortly before my father passed. Because of illness, I couldn’t read for two weeks, but when I started again I felt like God’s hand was on my grieving, through Staci Stallings words. I’m humbled and grateful.

80. Colton K-9 Target by Justine Davis romantic suspense. This is part of a series written by several authors. However, Justine is the only one I’m interested in reading. While the stories of the other authors run as threads through the book, Justine’s is complete and able to be read alone. 


  1. Love to see what’s on people’s lists! I’m reading “The Stationery Shop” right now and enjoying it . .

    • 🙂

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