Posted by: Judy | May 5, 2021

Reading List 46-50

46. Hope for Tomorrow (Hope Ranch series Book 2) by Elizabeth Maddrey Christian romance. Skye runs away, and so do I. Morgan lays out all the possibilities, and so do I, which is difficult for someone like me who’s easily overwhelmed. Loved the story and looking forward to reading the next.

47. Hope for Love (Hope Ranch series Book 3) by Elizabeth Maddrey Christian romance. Royal is a heartwarming hero. I so understand Sophie’s struggle and dreams.

48. Hope for Freedom (Hope Ranch series Book 4) by Elizabeth Maddrey Christian romance. A redemption story, for a Christian who falls short and a new Christian just finding a new way of living.

49. Hope for Family (Hope Ranch series Book 5) by Elizabeth Maddrey Christian romance. A marriage of convenience story. A tougher sale in contemporary stories, but this one worked, for me. I enjoyed it.

50. Hope at Last (Hope Ranch series Book 6) by Elizabeth Maddrey Christian romance. An older couple, she’s 53 and he’s 60, a widow and widower but with very different backgrounds. I’m sorry to see the end of the series, but this was an awesome ending.

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