Posted by: Judy | March 22, 2021

Alas, classic editor is gone…

…pretty much. Okay, it’s there but more complicated and doesn’t look the same, i.e., looks more like block. What a pity. The new WP set up is cumbersome and requires more work. “If you can’t make a product better, make it harder to get into.”

Things I miss:

Not dealing with blocks. The editing block pops up right above the line I’m working on, so I can’t see what it covers without moving to the line. Just type and add a picture or link and done. No extra lines or boxes or having to keep changing the Line height to 1 from the preset 1.5.

Having the Publishing information available in the same “block” as the Save draft.

Having all the posts (now divided into Posted, Scheduled, and Drafts) all on the same page, in chronological order, instead of by date worked on. I often work on posts out of order.

Not having editing blocks pop up in the middle of my work. It was great up at the top, out of the way.

Seeing my list of commonly used tags.

Scheduling is more difficult.

My media library takes so long to load, and I often get the message “This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness…” Bother.

For the record: I don’t care about “color” on my dashboard. I don’t spend time there. This is not a plus. This is “Busy Work.” I may grow accustomed to this new format, with time, but I do miss the easier, cleaner, old Classic.


  1. Me too

  2. I agree. It is a challenge. However, I was happy to discover one trick. I was frustrated with hitting enter and going into a new block. In some cases I wanted to stay in the same block. (Such as with poetry or a bulleted list.) I recently discovered you can use Shift+Enter to go to a new line, but stay in the same block. If I stumble across any more tricks, I will share.

    • Thank you!

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