Posted by: Judy | March 21, 2021

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The adversary would have you believe you’re too broken, too sinful, too worthless. Remember who he is, the father of lies. So when he whispers those ugly words, remember he is lying. He will talk louder, strangely believing that if he talks louder the lies will be more convincing. He’s still a liar. He repeats the lies, over and over, pretending that if he speaks the lies often enough they’ll become true. That’s a lie, too. Instead of tolerating the lies being shoved down your throat, turn to God, ask, seek, and knock to learn His truths. God’s truths are plain and simple. They are able to whisper through the storms, pierce the deepest darkness, and last forever. Trust the One who created you because He decided you should exist for His glory. If you’ve lost your reasons to live, live for Him. He included a bit of Himself in you, which makes you wondrous, glorious, eternal. Believe Him.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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