Posted by: Judy | March 14, 2021

SM Post

The adversary whispers, “You’re weak. You’ll never get it right. God couldn’t love someone like you. All the bad things that happened are punishment because you’re evil, unworthy, worthless. Stop trying so hard. You’ll never be enough.”
*I am weak, that’s why I need Jesus.
*Never say never, a funny choice of words from the adversary who actually did ensure he’d never get it right…projecting his own state because he isn’t trying to get it right. Jesus meets me where I am and teaches me what’s right; I am teachable.
*God loves everyone, including someone like me. It’s Who He is.
*Bad things happen because it’s a fallen world.
*Bad things are an opportunity for me to place my trust in God and His promise to turn evil for good, the chance to see Him perform miracles.
*I am a sinner but not worthless. Jesus died to prove how much He loved me before I was born.
*God sees my effort as good and offers to help me. Why would I give up the opportunity to see God bridge the distance I cannot?
*True, I’ll never be enough, without Jesus. But God…

~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. Amen! Love this! God bless you.

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