Posted by: Judy | March 5, 2021

Good News Friday

*Walk and P.Croissant with my sister

*Plain croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel drizzle

*Family visits



*I made healthier choices shopping

*No significant damage from the wind storm

*Favorite movies

What was something good in your week?


  1. Left work early yesterday, made a four layer pineapple cake, and off work today!

    • Sounds yummy and fun! Enjoy!

  2. Hi! 1.) Beautiful temperatures. 2.) Great visit with my new neighbor. 3.) Going for walks. 4.) Went out for breakfast this morning. Yummy. Have a great weekend! 🤗

    • Hello! Nice! How lovely! YAY! Yummy! 🙂 You too! ❤

  3. We had a bad horse accident this past week at the barn. A horse threw a fit and bucked like a rodeo horse and his rider came off and was injured. It all happened within feet of me and my horse. My horse was a Saint! He stood stock still and just put is head up and snorted twice. But he did not move. I was so grateful for that. I thanked him profusely. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and we celebrated another year of life!! Have a happy weekend Judy.

    • How frightening! Well done, Biasini! Sending him birthday joy! You, too, Anne Leueen. 🙂

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