Posted by: Judy | February 26, 2021

Good News Friday

*Walk and P.Croissant with my sister

*Plain croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon

*Seeing the owner, looking good though he’s been battling cancer. God bless him.

*Family visits


*Lunch with a friend from Kneaders

*Turkey on Country White and Chocolate Dome – cake, mousse, and ganache

*Texts and online chats with friends far away

*My sister picked up new twinkle lights as the artificial Christmas tree’s lights finally burned out. I’m amazed how long they lasted. Yes, we’ve left the tree up since Christmas 2019. It adds heartwarming light.

What was something good in your week?


  1. How fun! You’ve left your Christmas tree up all this time. Love that! 🤗🎄

    • 🙂 It is wonderfully cheerful.

  2. College baseball season has started, which is something we look forward to each year. With COVID we have not been able to get tickets yet, but we have watched on TV. I’ve also been enjoying my time in the morning with God. And I have been exercising more.

    • Yay for being able to see a favorite sport! What a blessing. Good for you!

  3. Spring is springing!

    • Woohoo!

  4. This past week has been a good one. Two good lessons with my coach. Biasini and I are making some real progress. My son is really enjoying the project he is working on in Montenegro. He has taken on some new challenges and via what’s app has been telling us all about it. My daughter is back to working full time again after a reduction in her work week due to Covid The AHL team she is the marketing manager for is back playing and it’s all go! The weather was almost spring like today but I am not putting my thermal underwear away just yet. Have a wonderful weekend Judy.

    • Awesome! Good for him! Happy for her! Smart woman. 😉 You, too, Anne Leueen.

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