Posted by: Judy | January 25, 2021

SM post

Things go wrong, and fears creep in. I try to cling to faith, but fear pushes harder. Instead of allowing the fear to cloud and darken my vision, I take it out and examine it in the light. What is it really? I’m a sinner. I don’t want discomfort and pain and the hard things. I know God will give them to me anyway, and I’m honest enough to admit that doesn’t mean I want it. I bow my head and offer it up to God, and I’m grateful. For the first time in my memory, I didn’t try to eat my fear into submission. A stumbling block being recreated into a stepping stone. The process is far from over, but it’s a step. Never denigrate a step closer to God. #GiveThanks

~ Laurel Hawkes

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