Posted by: Judy | January 12, 2021

SM post revisited…

Things go wrong, and fears creep in. I try to cling to faith, but fear pushes harder. Instead of allowing the fear to cloud and darken my vision, I take it out and examine it in the light. What is it really? I’m a sinner. I don’t want discomfort and pain and the hard things. I know God will give them to me anyway, and I’m honest enough to admit that doesn’t mean I want it. I bow my head and offer it up to God, and I’m grateful. For the first time in my memory, I didn’t try to eat my fear into submission. A stumbling block being recreated into a stepping stone. The process is far from over, but it’s a step. Never denigrate a step closer to God. #GiveThanks

I wrote this last month, and I wanted to see if it was still true. Sometimes, I still try to eat my fear away. However, I’m improving. My choices are considerably healthier. I’m eating veggies, more balanced meals, fewer and better snacks.

When fear kicks in, I’m learning to kick it out. The adversary is the author of unreasonable fear, so I send him and his minions to the throne of God for Him to take care of as He sees fit, reminding him I’ve been saved by the blood of Jesus. I belong to God.

Another unexpected change is that I’ve shortened my walks a little. I’m acknowledging that my excess weight is hard on my knees and ankles. I can’t pretend like it isn’t. Eating healthier should help with the weight. As I lose, I’ll increase my distance again.

I’m asking God what I can do to improve. Blogs, articles, shows, videos, books, little hints here and there that are easily incorporated into my life. I know me: If it’s too complicated, I’ll become confused and discouraged. So, keep it simple.

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