Posted by: Judy | January 5, 2021

Gifts January 2021

Word for the year is Joy

I discovered I can do this in classic editor. Thanks, God, for helping me find it!

I want to be better. If you don’t know what it means to be better how will you know when you’ve become it? If I don’t define it for myself, the world will define it for me. Guarantee: The world will get it wrong. This year, I’m changing things up a bit anyway. I’m not going to do the different areas, because some I excel at, and others are tougher. My OCD brain bristles at not seeing a balance of colors; never mind the fact that I need to do more work in some areas than others. Let’s face it: Reading is not a habit I need to form; I have it down pat. I’m going to focus on one month at a time. Since I’ve rediscovered Classic Editor, I’ll keep my running list of goals from oldest to newest. I like that. I’ll also use greens and reds for progress checks. Starting slow…

2 Use the Battle Plan for Prayer Cards from “War Room”

1 Publish “A Promise of Possibilities.” As of Jan 5: Less than 10 chapters to edit.


  1. Yay! You know I was excited to see this post! Thanks for sharing! And I like the idea of the prayer cards you mentioned. I will look for them. I also like that you found classic editor. I will have poke around some as well! 🙂

    • You’re welcome. 🙂 As to the cards, I found them at Amazon, but they aren’t there anymore. They do have the flip calendar, which I also use; this is the third year. For Classic Editor: Click on “My Sites” and then on “WP Admin” and then “Posts” and finally “All Posts.” That will take you to the posts scheduled or in draft form. As you hover your cursor over a title options will appear: Edit / Classic Editor / Quick Edit / Copy / Trash / Preview. Click on Classic Editor. When you Save or Schedule you’ll get a pop up giving you a choice to go back to Block Editor. I ignore it and close the window. It’s more work, in some ways, but I prefer the less cluttered “Classic Editor.” Hope that helps.

      • Oh thank you so much for both tips!! I will look for the calendar! And I will definitely look for the classic editor. I sent WordPress a message letting they know that it was cumbersome. But their only advice was to take a tutorial. Lol! Thank you again!! ❤️

        • LOL! So helpful! Not. *snicker* You’re welcome. 🙂

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