Posted by: Judy | December 16, 2020

SM Post Fear

I’ve lived my life in fear; it was taught to me by my parents. What if fear is a warning? I know God gave me the fear response to help me recognize danger. What if sometimes the fear I feel is because I’m in danger of putting myself in the place of God? My fear inches up when I think I have to do everything myself and my way is best. How often have I ignored the fear warning me I’ve messed up my priorities? Blessedly, I am capable of learning God’s way, even at my age. :DI’m grateful God is patient, especially with His stubborn children like me. #GiveThanks

~ Laurel Hawkes

My sister’s response: Stubbornness is a gift called determination. We wouldn’t have survived without it.


  1. Interesting point. Our struggles can also point to our strengths.

    • Indeed, and God is willing to show us.

  2. Fear, it’s not an easy thing to conquer, but it can be conquered. I read a funny book where this lady said she dealt with her fears by DECIDING she was not going to let them control her. So, in the morning, as soon as she would have a fear, she would say, “NO, NOT TODAY, I DON”T HAVE TIME FOR YOU… I”M GOING TO ENJOY THE DAY.”

    She had to keep talking to her fears like this until the fears, for THAT DAY, just went to sleep. AND then she said she would have the most glorious day. This process would start ALL OVER the next day. The goal was to get this process down to 2 minutes. I’ve tried it… IT WORKS!

    Happy Holidays! Here’s to conquering our fears! They only control us if we allow them to.

    • Fear is a coward and doesn’t stand up well to being confronted. šŸ™‚

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