Posted by: Judy | December 14, 2020

SM Post Last Month

I’m grateful the car battery died as I was getting ready to go grocery shopping instead of in the store parking lot, with frozen food in the trunk. I’m grateful I could text my sister at school, even though she couldn’t answer right away, knowing I wasn’t alone in my mess. I’m grateful my brother-in-law is a mechanic genius and able to diagnose the problem from a short text. I’m grateful he took the time to promptly come over and explain the problem so I understood, called the service center, and jumped the car. I’m grateful I was able to find the place I’d never been to before without getting lost. I’m grateful the service center took the time to replace the battery, fix the recall item, and remove the dirt coating the car. I’m grateful that though my morning was toast, God took care of me. #GiveThanks

~ Laurel Hawkes

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