Posted by: Judy | November 12, 2020

SM Post

“Give control to God.” I hear that over and over, from numerous people. It’s a message for me, I know. Giving up control is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, thing for me to do. Some days are better than others. I’ve finally learned that saying, “It’s just the way I am” is a lousy excuse. A part of me finds it ironic that an unchanging God demands I change. Until I step back and see that I’m looking at the short-term, while God is planning eternity for me. Me changing isn’t about changing who I think I am; it’s about me becoming who God knows I am.

~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. I had not thought about that before (an unchanging God wanting us to change). But I love the way you ended (becoming who God knows we are). Beautiful and true!

  2. The phrase:” Let Go and Let God” is one that often guides me.

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