Posted by: Judy | November 10, 2020

SM series Step 16

With time and work, my trust grew. I chose my third counselor, in part, because I wanted someone to help me develop my faith and trust in God. Though all this, I prayed and read the scriptures, but I struggled with hearing God’s voice. I had no trouble grasping what I read, but how was I supposed to apply in my life? I can be a bit literally minded. I signed up for a Bible study class conducted by telephone. I discovered the Kendrick Brothers movies and books, and I delved into a whole new adventure of seeking God. I’d chosen God, long ago, but I didn’t know how to make Him a part of my life in a way that was meaningful to me. I kept feeling like I stepped into His world for brief moments and then stepped back out into the real world. Step 16 : Choose to make God the center. That’s when the real adventure begins. God has been flooding me with ways to make Him a part of my life, the center of me.

~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. Beautifully said!

    • ❤ You're one of those helping me learn. Thank you.

      • Aw thank you too! I have learned a lot through you as well! It is so beautiful to me how God can bring friends together this way. ❤️

        • Amen!

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