Posted by: Judy | October 28, 2020

SM series Step 12

I’d never had the right to say “no.” I was labeled difficult, contrary, disrespectful if I tried.” Learning to say “no” was a tough lesson. “No” is a powerful and complete sentence. My third counselor helped me understand that saying “no” to one thing always meant I was saying “yes” to something else, and vice versa. Saying “no” was about learning to listen to myself and to that little voice inside. I was astonished at how learning to say “no” opened unexpected doors. I’d say “no” and later discover I needed to say “yes” to something that came later. If I hadn’t said “no” I would have been available to help someone in need or accept a new opportunity. God also says “no” “No, you may not choose sin and be where I am.” “No, you may not deny Christ and be happy where I am.” Step 12 : Learn to say “no.”

~ Laurel Hawkes

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