Posted by: Judy | October 14, 2020

SM series Step 7

Life changed and changed and changed again, but I had secrets I’d never told anyone. With some of them, I was too ashamed. With others, I wasn’t sure the memories were dreams or real. I stumbled along, wishing I could be a new person as promised. Jesus promised to make anyone who accepted Him a new person in Him. My vision was myopic. I didn’t quit or give up on me. I let a lot of dreams die. They hurt too much. Step 7 : Accept that sometimes life is all about surviving the next five minutes. This is not a criticism or a flaw. Cement, paint, wash, wallpaper, all need time to dry. Cake needs time to bake. You don’t complain about that waiting time; you accept it’s part of the process. Waiting is sometimes part of the process.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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