Posted by: Judy | October 12, 2020

SM series Step 5

I called my horse my 1,000 pounds of daily therapy. I’d dreamed about owning a horse but struggled to believe it would ever happen, especially when I was in a financial bumblebroth. (Isn’t that a great word? I love words. I love English. Back on task.) God made a way when there appeared to be no way. He made the impossible possible. Funnily enough, there’s a lead-up story. My dog was as gentle as the day is long, sweet natured, well behaved, obedient; she was my angel child. I knew God had to love me to entrust to me the care of such an amazing creature. I wondered if I could handle a problem child. Be careful what you pray for: You may get it. Enter my horse, stubborn and an abuse survivor himself. His previous owner did a lot of work to help him overcome what had been done to him by the owner before her. God gave me a problem child who taught me a lot about trust because he didn’t, and patience because he wasn’t, and being in the moment because if I wasn’t he had no trouble reminding me, painfully. He taught me how to laugh at the things that annoyed and frustrated me. He taught me how to be more outgoing. With him, I discovered that far too many people in the world had nothing in their lives that thoroughly captivated them and they were hungry for a taste from someone who did. Step 5 : Find one thing that enchants, ensnares, broadens your horizon, something that invites you to be fully involved in the moment and then share it. I was always so surprised when people would hunt me down to ask about my horse. Be warned, I’m tough to shut up once I start. Find something like that. Believe it or not, it adds light to the world. Ask God, if it’s good and right, He’ll help you find it, in ways you never imagined.

~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. This is beautiful! ❤

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