Posted by: Judy | October 7, 2020

SM series Step 4

I earned my AAS, with the knowledge a job was waiting for me. Except it wasn’t. They hired someone else. Now what? I finished my second certificate of completion in another area of study. Three completions, third hopeful career. It didn’t work out either. To say I felt like a complete failure would be an understatement. I needed help outside myself. I found a counselor through church. I liked having a faith-based perspective. However, I still couldn’t talk about most of the abuse. I did try, but the counselor thought it was typical family angst. I stopped talking about it. I learned a few things but quickly felt at a dead end. Okay, God, now what? I was given the opportunity to own a horse. Step 4 : No matter how many roadblocks are thrown across your path keep talking to God and don’t give up on you.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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