Posted by: Judy | October 5, 2020

SM series Step 2

I’ve dealt with the temptation of putting on my gypsy boots and running away, more times than I want to count. I still do, on occasion. Leave it all and start over. I daydreamed about losing my memory and starting fresh. Fortunately, I’m practical and able to recognize the numerous problems with the logistics. I needed to find another way. I was overwhelmed. I needed to change without relying on changing my physical surroundings. Where to start? I knew my temper was problematic. It had been a problem for my abuser. I didn’t know how to cope. I tended to go to Mount Vesuvius, though usually only if I was alone. I needed another way to learn to control my roller coaster emotions. I did the best I knew how to talk with God. I was a lousy listener, tending to hear what I wanted to hear. In any case, I decided a dog of my own would require I learn to manage my temper and learn to be consistent. Step 2 : Choose one thing to change. Start somewhere. God helped me find the perfect dog for me.

~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. Wanting to run away is probably something many of us have thought about at one time or another. Thanks for the reminder that we can change things without changing our physical surroundings. ❤

    • I had to learn that there were a lot of ways of running away, physically and mentally. The problems go with either way.

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