Posted by: Judy | September 29, 2020

SM series Step 1

Someone mentioned how if I simply have faith in Jesus that’s all I need to change. Oh, if only it were that simple. My journey to healing has been long and bumpy, full of potholes and detours. I made numerous and varying attempts to right my life; all of which were met with little to no success, mostly. I managed to stay on the path, mostly through dumb luck and God’s grace. I worked a summer in Yellowstone, served a mission, and went to England for a summer. In England, I realized I was indulging in the same coping mechanism: Running Away. I decided to stop running. Step 1 : Stop running. Hold still. Sit with where you are. What I didn’t realize was that though I’d taken off my gypsy boots, I was still running away in my head.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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