Posted by: Judy | August 31, 2020

Post on SM…

Did you spend time with God, today? Make the time, every day. He doesn’t require fancy words or fanfare. Be still. Let go of your cares and open your heart to anything He shares with you. Today, I released some fears and accepted the challenge to move out of comfort and into discomfort. Being a survivor meant living in constant discomfort and struggling to find nonexistent comfort. I should have realized much sooner the trap set by the adversary. The only peace I need seek is that which only God provides. Otherwise, I need to be seeking the uncomfortable, the difficulty of growing, choosing God’s way – not the easy way – the path of stepping stones not downhill gliding. Of course, tomorrow isn’t here yet, and my new desire is still shiny. Tomorrow, the challenge begins. I anticipate the shine disappearing quickly, but I also trust God to offer encouragement as needed. I’m going on an adventure, the adventure God always intended. Trust God. Hold to hope. ~ Laurel Hawkes

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